Fic: La Petite Mort (NC-17)

Title: La Petite Mort
Length: 6,638
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Blaine finally feels like he knows who and what he is, and wants to find out what it means to be submissive. But when he meets Kurt at a BDSM club, he discovers he may be in for a lot more than just a quick demonstration.
Warnings/incentives: D/s, age difference (Kurt is in his late twenties, Blaine is nineteen), mentions of past Blaine/Sebastian, very very brief mention of waxplay, innocence, bondage, blindfolding, facefucking, deepthroating, orgasm denial, rimming, oral and anal sex.
A/N: I started this when I found out it was missbeizy's birthday a couple of weeks ago. I really should have made an effort to finish it earlier, but I'm a lazy slob. Anyway, here it is. AT LAST. Big thanks to Jess and Rose for looking over this <3

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KHBB Fic: Burn (pt.1)

Title: Burn

Author: daltoneering (kirwanraemus LJ)

Beta: undefinedkosmos

Artist: soundsaboutrighttumblr

Word count: 25,790

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Kurt Hummel is widely regarded as one of the best dragon riders of his order. He's efficient, clever and responsible--so it's natural for him to be named tutor to the newest rider to join the order, Blaine Anderson. However, with trouble starting to brew in the North and a worrying amount of very distracting feelings about his young student, Kurt finds he has a lot more on his plate than he anticipated.

Warnings: Mild action/violence, kidnapping, mentions of past Kurt/Sebastian

A/N: I want to say a HUGE thank you to my wonderful beta, undefinedkosmos, without whom this fic would be and awful mess and probably wouldn’t have been submitted on time. Also, check out that amazing art! Go shower Nina in love for it. And a shout-out to Beth for cheerleading and keeping up my morale!

Part 1 of 3 because of dumb LJ limits.

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Part 2

Part 3

Turn Me Around, Set My Feet On Solid Ground (A Peasant's Honour Pt 3)

Author: daltoneering
Rating: R
Word Count: 3287
Summary: Kurt and Blaine's blossoming relationship is beginning to come out into the open, but they're still unsure what everything means. Part three of A Peasant's Honour.
Author's note: Posted to my tumblr and AO3 a while ago, but I neglected to upload it here. Finally got around to it! Rated R for brief sexy times.

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Fic: Take Me In, Turn Me Inside Out (A Peasant's Honour Pt 1)

Author: daltoneering
Rating: PG
Word Count: 3118
Summary: The Ceremony of the Butchered Horse is one of the biggest events of the year, and as a servant of the host, Lord Morris, Blaine is busy to have everything ready on time. Little does he know how the ceremony might bring him more than a few surprises, namely in the form of one very attractive young prince.
Author’s Note: Posted from my tumblr. I'll probably make this into a short series, as I have quite a few ideas about where it could go. In the meantime, enjoy some Medieval Klaine AU!

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